February 19, 2010

Perfect Oatmeal

You might be thinking, oatmeal?  But I kid you not- this oatmeal from Kira Cooks is so delicious.  I actually crave it in the mornings or whenever I look in the freezer and see my Costco-size bag of frozen blueberries.  I do omit the butter when I make it (my mom claims I have a phobia of butter) and it's delicious, I can only imagine the yumminess with added butter.  I love recipes from Kira Cooks, anything I've made always turns out exactly right.  Give it a try- you just might discover your love of heart-healthy oatmeal.


Kira said...

Cool for me :) It really is the perfect healthy treat! Thanks for the referal!

Sabrina said...

That looks delish! We have been having steel-cut oats with barley for breakfast. Those bananas and blueberries on it would be super good!++

Jer + Lu said...

Lovin' your new blog!
That oatmeal looks absolutely delicious!!

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