March 23, 2010

Hooded Bath Towel

These have been on my to-do list for quite sometime.  It's funny, everytime I see the tutorial on my 'favorites' list, I think "Oh yeah.  I've got to look for a sale on towels."  The great thing is now that I've officially posted it on my blog, my mom- who is much better at remembering, and shopping, such things as sales- will see it and will call me to let me know when and where I can get a great deal.  Thanks to The Domestic Notebook for this Hooded Bath Towel Tutorial.  Something that made me happy: I noticed tonight while I was looking around her blog that the Domestic Notebook has a tutorial on cutting boys' hair.  This tutorial just might be saving me about $30 a month.

1 comment:

The Notetaker said...

Great job on the hooded towel! Glad you liked the tutorial and thanks for linking to my blog.

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