March 13, 2010

Jelly Bean Topiary

This super cute Jelly Bean Topiary has got to be one of the most creative decorations I have seen.  Crafty Sisters - how did you come up with this one?  Not sure if it's the colors, the unique idea, or both, but I am in love with this and can't wait to make it with my kids!


Candace@craftysisters-nc said...

Aww, thanks. We eat a lot of candy around here. :)

We're glad you like them! Thanks for the post!

Cam and Beth said...

I love this! They would make great Easter gifts! And you could use toothpicks to attach the jelly beans and then it would be edible.

ificould said...

Great idea! That WOULD make a cute edible gift!

Amy said...

I think I may have to try this one, the only question is do I make it edible or not??

Nicole@CraftySisters-nc said...

It still is edible...hee hee hee...there's just a little glue on one end you won't want to eat.:)
Thanks for featuring us! We were pretty giddy when we were making them, it was so much fun!

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