March 19, 2010

Mesh Bag for Bath Toys

I love Ashley from Make It and Love It.  She makes sewing seem as easy and natural as eating and sleeping.  I've purchased a couple of patterns before from her Etsy shop and have been able to actually sew something successfully (my Little Guys Ties got lots of compliments at Christmas... I even had one neighbor ask me where I purchased them :) ).  Well this brilliant idea for a Bath Toy Mesh Bag looks doable, but I had to laugh when she said "use the selvage (factory finished edge) of the material as my edge."  Who knows those things??  Really, if you ever need some basic sewing tutorials, Make It and Love It is the place to go (that's where I found the link for my help with the hidden stitch).  I also really like her tutorials because she gives lots of good 'tricks-of-the-trade" for those of us who have no clue what we're doing. 

1 comment:

Emily Call said...

I definitely need to make me one of these... the kid's bath toys are out of control. ;)

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