April 4, 2010

My Boys' Ties- Updated with pics

Speaking of my cute boys and their Easter clothes, I had a couple of people at church ask me about their ties.  I said I would blog all about them :)  For my 4 year old I followed this tutorial and made him a real little boy tie.  My one thing I learned from this- just follow the pattern.  I originally cut it out and I thought that it was too long.  I cut out a big chunk from the middle (a good 6 inches, I know, dumb) and dangled it around his neck thinking that it looked about right.  As the hubs was trying to tie it around my son's neck this morning- we realized that I had created 2 problems. #1 the tie was not long enough (who knew that the knot would take up SO much length of the tie) and #2 the tie never really got very skinny (because I took the skinny part out) so was rather difficult to tie.  Luckily the hubs was able to do a "deacon knot" as he calls it and although the back part of the tie is REALLY short, it looked fine from the front.  I'm going to try and fix it by adding some length (and some seams) in the middle- or just start all over with my lessons learned.
For my littler boys I used the Lil Guy's Tie pattern I purchased from Make It and Love It Etsy Shop .  She gives very detailed instructions and pictures- fantastic pattern and tutorial for those like me who really don't know how to sew.  I used this pattern for the boys' Christmas ties, so I actually whipped the Easter ties out pretty quick in one evening.  When we got home from church our sweet neighbor snapped a couple of pictures of our boys- keep in mind they had been at church for almost 4 hours, hence the untucked shirts and backwards hat on the oldest.

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Amy said...

CUTE CUTE boys----and ties

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