May 26, 2010

Framed Mirror

I have this friend, Rachel, who is one of the craftiest/handiest people in the world when it comes to home decor.  When we lived in this cookie-cutter neighborhood together- you know the kind where everyone has one of 3 houses- I was constantly amazed at all of the little things she did in her house that really made big differences.  One of those things was she framed all of her mirrors.  She always claimed it was easy- "some molding and liquid nails" is what she would say; I've never dared try it.  Well, Blue Cricket Design has posted this fabulous tutorial for Framed Mirrors.  And guess what?  Rachel is right.  Molding and liquid nails- sounds like a definite project for my downstairs bathroom. 

P.S.  While you're there, if you've never checked out the tutorial for the Dresser Drawer Ribbon Organizer- you really should.  I finally got around to making mine a couple of weeks ago- it's so cute.  Just keep your eyes open for a free drawer (my friend picked mine up off the side of the road during neighborhood cleanup) and it's a very low-cost project.

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Rachel said...

Aww, thanks Kimi! But credit DOES have to go to my amazing husband, Collin as well. While most of the things we do are my idea, I only actually DO about 25% of them. The rest is all Collin. He's pretty much the handiest man I know.

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