May 28, 2010

Hanging Coffee Cup Herb Garden

Right now I'm really into decorating my outdoor space and I can't wait to make this.   Love this Hanging Coffee Cup Herb Garden from Under the Table and Dreaming.  I have siding on my house, though, and I have a really hard time hanging anything from it. Anyone out there with suggestions??


Missy said...

Kimi, I was just thinking it would be cute to hang from a tall plant holder (like the one in your front garden)... if you could find one tall enough :) You could even put one in your yellow pot!
Great idea!!

Country Girl in the City said...

Oh, these are so cute! What a great idea, though I don't really know how you would hang them either. I'd be interested to find out.

Anna said...

cute idea! You won my scrappy coaster giveaway the other day. I still need your mailing address, email me at graham dot anna at

Stephanie Lynn said...

Thanks so much for the mention! I greatly apprecite it! There is a screw in the concrete next to our garage that I used to hang this from. I'm not sure about siding. I like the idea of using a plant hook {the iron ones that stick into the ground} I think that would be cute. My first thought would be the 3M command hooks that are removeable but I'm not sure how well they would hold up outside. {just a thought} Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thanks again! Stephanie Lynn

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