May 5, 2010

Mother's Day Corsage

You know how all the old ladies wear a corsage on Mother's Day pinned to their Sunday dress?  Now, I get to brag for a moment about my cute husband.  Well, since the year we got married, I fit right in with the old ladies because my sweet husband gets me a corsage to wear on Mother's Day.  I remember the first year, at the young age of 22, feeling a little embarrased to wear a real flower corsage to church- I thought it was a little old fashioned- and I quickly took it off as soon as we got home.  About the third year of marriage I remember the hubs whispering to me in church "Wow, not very many husbands remembered to get their wives corsages this year" (funny he had NEVER noticed before that it was just me and a couple of 80 year old women before).   I decided then that I shouldn't be embarrassed for having a very sweet and thoughtful husband, and I proudly pin on my Mother's Day corsage every Mother's Day.  Well, I had to smile when I saw this post for a Mother's Day Corsage from Get Your Craft On.  It is more of an idea than a tutorial, so if you need ideas for flowers, check here, here, here, here, or here.  How cute would that be for all the women, and girls, in your life this Sunday?!


Lynette said...

Thanks for featuring my corsage! I love that your husband gets you one every sweet!

Happy Mother's Day!

Wendi Bench said...

He is a cute hubby. Our dad got all the girls corsages on the Sunday nearest to Valentine's as you know...and I remember Andy buying us corsages one of the years after dad's death...he is so sweet. What a guy. XOXO He could not have found a more perfect wife!

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