July 19, 2010

Summer Skirt

So about a month ago I finally tried my hand at sewing with elastic thread and I made my towel dress for Lake Powell.  It didn't turn out exactly perfect (Missy, stop laughing) but it worked and it got me really excited to try another project with shirring.  Well, I have the pattern from MADE to make a little girl's dress- but I don't have a little girl.  I keep thinking I should make a dress for one of my many nieces, but I think I'll make this Summer Skirt for myself first (when you look at the post, scroll down to the bottom for the link to the tutorial) .  Dana makes the skirt in a cotton fabric, but I think it would be really cute to make with a knit.   We'll see when I can get to it... I promised myself (and my husband) no new projects until laundry was all caught up, the kitchen floor is mopped, and started projects get finished!

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Toronto's said...

Let's be honest are your started projects ever finished. I feel like I always start something new, but already have at least 10 project that I have started just sitting there that I have gotten bored with. Tell Andy that it is a summer skirt and it NEEDS to be made before summer is over so you can actually wear it.

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