August 3, 2010

Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

I know, another zucchini recipe.. but, honestly- to die for!!  Yummy!!!  Thanks to Jamie Cooks It Up! for this Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffin recipe.  Now go take one of the 10 zucchinis you have in your fridge and make a batch!!
P.S.  About 5 years ago Missy shared a tip with me about zucchini and shredding it for recipes.  Use the shredding feature of your food processor.  Don't peel it, just quarter it, shred it on the food processor and you're done REALLY fast.  I always shred a few zucchini at a time and then put them in freezer bags in the amount of 2 cups.  I never say 'no' to other peoples zucchini and I have my own from my garden- I shred and freeze enough of this veggie that I can use it all winter long.


Amy said...

Sounds delish! I might have to try this one

ificould said...

You should. They are delicious- although when I made them it made 4 dozen- I'm hoping they freeze well!

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