August 5, 2010

Sock Monkey Snuggle Square

So I know we've all seen those little snuggle square blankies everywhere, and I think they're cute- but none have really caught my eye.  Until this Sock Monkey Snuggle Square from Just Another Day in Paradise.  Honestly- how cute it that??  Perhaps it's because it's a cute boy thing and I'm a little biased- but honestly, I am LOVING this.  Can't wait until my next baby boy so I can make one (no, that is not an announcement).  I also think the sock monkey pattern would be cute to applique on a onesie or shirt.


Baby.Got.Craft said...

LOVE it! It's like a sock monkey (which are awesome all by their little selves), with a cherry on top! {Thanks for being a new follower to my blog!}

k a t y said...

You should splurge and buy a new set of measuring cups! I give you permission! Your comment made me smile:)

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