December 15, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas Cards

So, it's getting down to the wire and I haven't made my Christmas cards yet.  Well, since I have to get them out ASAP, I've decided to use Shutterfly.  Ever used them before?  I made a hard-backed, bound scrapbook of our California trips 2 years ago and LOVE IT.  They make it so quick and simple - seriously a huge fan.  Here are the cards I'm deciding between... let me know your vote:

So, which one's your favorite?  (PLEASE leave me a comment!  pretty please with sugar on top!)

FYI: Shutterfly also has a variety of personalized gift ideas, if you still need some last-minute gifts (like me).  I really like these:


Alicia said...

I like the 2nd & 3rd ones the best. Merry Christmas!

Ruthie said...

I'd pick the Joy Magic version if I were picking.

Carpenters said...

I like the Pretty Poinsettia Print.

Karen said...

It may be too late but you did ask with sugar on top so...
Pretty Poinsettia Print or Blessed Elegance. Does it still help when everyone picks a different one?! lol
Once you put your cute family on them, they all will be darling!

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