February 26, 2011

Moss Botanicals Aromatherapy - Product Review

I haven't had much experience with Aromatherapy, so I was thrilled when the owner of Moss Botanicals contacted me to do a product review.
Aromatherapy is the art and science of using therapeutic grade essential oils for promoting balance.  Somewhat of a skeptic by nature, I was amazed at how smelling the oils could alleviate stress and relax my body and mind... instantaneously.  For a longer lasting effect (4-8 hours), the oils can be rubbed on and absorbed through the skin.

I used the "ceremony," "clear," and "balance" oils and loved all three.  Moss Botanicals has created a unique blend of oils - really amazing combinations.  I really loved the calming scent of balance, and have noticed a difference with my latest cold by using clear (not only helps the respitory and immune systems, but also helps clear negative thoughts).
There are so many advantages to using aromatherapy.  Moss Botanicals provides "a simple way to alleviate stress, elevate and balance mood swings, combat viruses, aid sleep, stimulate sluggish poor circulation, support respiratory, strengthen immune system, relax mind and body, helps with grief or trauma, focuses meditation or prayer, nurtures pms or menopause, inspires creativity, natural beauty care for skin and body, an aphrodisiac for yourself or to attract another and the list goes on and on....."  Definitely something we all could benefit from!!

Head on over to Moss Botanicals to learn more and order some for yourself (or think of what a great gift it would make!!).

**All opinions expressed are my own.  Other than a sample of the product, I was not compensated for my review **

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