February 26, 2010

Homemade Refried Beans

I was telling Missy about making your own refried beans- well, I found where I had seen them: Kira Cooks.  Seems pretty easy, is more economical, and if Kira says they taste better- I believe her.  Here is the recipe and instructions- please note that Kira says she cooks them without the bacon grease :)  These would be the perfect side to the easy beef enchiladas- sounds like the perfect meal to use food in your food storage.


hillary said...

I made these this past weekend and they were so easy and delicious. I am enjoying the leftovers by making bean burritos. This is a recipe definately worth trying out. Yummy!

hillary said...

By the way, I left out the bacon grease and they were still delicious.

ificould said...

I'm glad that they worked for you!

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