March 16, 2010

Library Bag

Am I the only one in love with owls?  Not the real ones, of course - they're kind of creepy.  But I absolutely love applique owls, owl fabrics, and owl decor.  This Library Bag has the cutest owl on it!!  I was so excited to see this tutorial from Lulu's Tiles.  She even thought to include a vinyl pocket on the back to keep the library receipt in - perfect for those of us who can't remember when to take the books back!

Anyone else loving this project idea?  Really, is anyone out there?  I'm serious.  I'd love to hear your comments!!


Kirsty said...

I LOVE this idea - particularly the pocket for the receipt. i have a standard tote bag that i keep library books in, but i'm always losing that slip of paper!

ificould said...

You could sew a vinyl pocket on the tote you already use - isn't it ingenious? (You could always applique a cute owl on too!)

Tiffany said...

You know I love owls too! I just did a similar owl on my chair covers. My sister Hayley thinks they are creepy...I totally get that, but they can be so cute (the fabric/pretend ones of course. This is a great idea...I just might have to copy the bag idea. Thanks, Tiff

Emily Call said...

This is so cute! I may have to make one. We use an old Target bag to hold our books.

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