March 16, 2010

My New Headboard

I made (and love) my new headboard a couple of weeks ago.  I followed this tutorial with the exception of using just an ordinary (I think pine) 2x4 instead of an oak one.  My one piece of advice, when you are stapling on your fabric, be sure you are keeping it straight.  After I was all finished and put it up in my room, I noticed that the fabric slanted to the right.  The next day I had to take out all the staples and try again. 
All materials (except the staples and staple gun, I owned that already) cost me about $100 (foam is REALLY pricey, be sure to wait for a sale or use a 50% off coupon).  I think you would probably be fine using plywood instead of MDF and that would save you a chunk of money, but now I have enough MDF to make some shelves.
The great thing is that I did this project in one day.  I had my 3 boys with me while I purchased supplies at Home Depot and JoAnns in the morning, and I put the whole thing together that night when they were all asleep.  I started at 8 and had in my room by 10.  Most people could probably do it faster but I'm afraid of the circular saw so I cut my 2x4s with a hand saw (each cut took me about 30 minutes). 
I still need something on the wall, but I'm loving my new headboard.


Toronto's said...

I am totally impressed, it looks so good I want to see it in person. You are amazing.

Missy said...

This is WAY impressive. I wish I had your "get'r done" attitude!

Barb said...

Cute cute Kimi---love the lamps, they look perfect! Oh, did you know that Home Depot will cut wood for you. In the lumber section, you just need to ask someone. Lowes does too! I love your blog!

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