March 31, 2010

Picture Frame Molding

So happy I came across the House of Smiths blog.  Love it!  I put Picture Frame Molding up in my baby's room and have just left it plain.  My hubby really wants something interesting in it- but I couldn't think of anything (I am not good at visualizing- I have to actually see it).  Well, I was thrilled when I found this- her very chic and feminine bathroom.  Several cute ideas, and I love what she did with her picture frame molding.  (Tip: I noticed on her blog she also has a link to her vinyl store) While you're on the blog, you should click on the pictures of the rooms in her house- LOVE her style.


Clements Family said...

Oh I love it! What a cute idea!

House of Smith's said...

Thank you so much!
How sweet are you!? For all your nice compliments!
We had a lot of fun doing this project!
Glad you like it too!
Shelley Smith

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