April 14, 2010

Love Note Frame

About 5 years ago when someone would say "craft" to me I would think about my mom's 'homemaking' projects from the early 90's (you know, the tole-painted wooden animals); no offense to you Mom, they were totally in back then and you did a great job.  I was reluctant to try to 'craft' anything.  Then I met Megan.  Her house was pretty much the cutest thing I had ever been in and I was amazed to find out that she crafted everything herself (and that girl has some mad scrapbooking skills too).  She totally inspired me to get into crafting (I had never even mod-podged before meeting her)- and she always has such smart ways to do things.  We no longer live in the same state with each other, so I was so excited when Meg recently started her own craft blog showing the new projects she's working on these days.  I thought this Love Note Frame was not only so cute to hang, but also such a good idea to help keep the romance going in the marriage.  Check out her blog Mbellished for lots of great ideas.

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