May 7, 2010

Floor Runner

Do you have an area in your house where you need a little longer of a rug, but can't find a rug you like?  I do.  It's in front of my sink and dishwasher.  Right now I do have a rug there, that I was going to post a picture of- but really it's kind of ugly, so what's the point?  Anyway, I thought this idea for a Floor Runner from Home Sweet Home was so smart.  It looks very cute and is all machine washable.  I'm very excited to make mine- though I'm sure it's going to have to wait until after Mother's Day weekend (my house is filthy and we're having everyone over for dinner on Sunday).

1 comment:

brandy said...

Thanks for the feature! Have fun making one! It was easy and I wish I had thought of it or seen an idea like this sooner, It's great!

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