May 7, 2010

Gift Tags

I recently made some freezer jam (have you tasted the strawberries at Costco right now?  we can't get enough of them) and some bread for some neighbors.  Although the bread and jam were both delicious, I was a little disappointed in my presentation: very plain and boring.  When I saw this idea for Gift Tags I thought it's the perfect thing to add to the jars of jam next time.  The tutorial, courtesy of The Idea Room, also gives several other ideas of how to use the paper key tags- check out the necklace she makes it's so cute! 


**Amy** said...

Thanks for the shout out and the link! I dream about those Costco strawberries. Which reminds me...we NEED some more!

Java said...

Happy Follow Friday! Newest follower here!
Great blog you have here!
Would love it if you could follow me back!

Never Growing Old

Have a great weekend!

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