May 17, 2010

Growth Chart

Anyone else out there have a stash of beadboard?  Well, here's a project for you (and me!)... check out this adorable beadboard growth chart from Lemon Tree Creations.  Told you it was cute.  Don't you love the idea of putting the pictures on there?  If you have a vinyl cutting machine, it may be easier for you to use vinyl instead of paint.  I also think it would be adorable to use a vinyl phrase at the top of the board, or on the wall above the chart... maybe "Look How I've Grown!" or "My, how you've grown!" or "SO BIG!"  I can't decide what to put on mine... anyone have any cute phrases?


ificould said...

I've always thought it would be so cute to make markings where they have to be that many inches to ride the Disneyland rides.

Amy said...

I just made this!!! except I used an old shutter/closet door, painted it blue, and am going to put the photos in the "slots". Maybe I'll work in Kimi's idea too!
I'm so excited to have a growth chart that isn't part of the home. Ask my husband how hard I cried, when, we were getting our last house ready to sell and he primed the "growth chart" with Kilz before I had a chance to put up a piece of plywood and take down the measurements!
Good thing I've always gone to the same pediatrician!!!

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