May 17, 2010

Mail Organizer

Okay, I have a problem to confess... I have a messy kitchen.  Yes, I always have a messy kitchen.  I can usually stay on top of the dishes, it's just the mail.  It takes over my cute island.  Seriously, ask Kimi.  Or anyone who knows me.  It's quite a sight.  Well, I'm vowing to change.  I am going to get organized!

I am inspired by this mail organizer.  Isn't it adorable?  This project has minimal sewing - plus I get to use my glue gun.  Sounds like the perfect project for me.

I seriously think this will help (really, anything would help at this point).  Click HERE for this super-duper mail organizer.  One slight change I'm going to make:  I don't really have a whole lot of outgoing mail.  I think I'll make my top slot for coupons or items to-be-filed, bottom slot for bills.  Thanks to Noodlehead for another great idea!!

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Anonymous said...

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