June 15, 2010

Some Blog Awards

Unless you have a blog, you don't realize how excited you get over every comment.  You can only imagine how thrilled we are when we receive awards!  Recently we've been then the recipients of a few blog awards and wanted to share:
We are honored that a little lovely would award us with not one, but three awards:

And we are flattered that Our Family Treat awarded us

Now here are 7 random things about us (all facts courtesy of Kimi):

1. Missy can go on less sleep than anyone I know (uh, Missy interjecting here - it's out of necessity - I love sleep)

2. Kimi drives a mini-van that does not have automatic doors

3. Missy is a klutz, I swear she stubs her toes at least ten times once a day (see #1) (lol - you should have seen me fall outside our hotel in Vegas this last weekend... ALL THE WAY DOWN ON MY FACE... really... I tried to catch myself... I'm sure anyone watching thought I had partied a little too hard, but I swear we were the only ones NOT drinking)

4. Kimi hates spending money (I'm the saver, my DH is the spender)

5. Missy is an amazing pianist (she also plays the organ)

6. Kimi has had all 3 kids c-section and hopes to be able to have at least 3 more

7. We have an older sister who faithfully reads our blog & is definitely the favorite Aunt


Amy said...

Nice on #7!

Karen said...

#8. We have an awesome friend who also faithfully reads our blog. She "stars" those posts that she wants to come back and try some day (there's a lot with stars..). That someday will start tomorrow.

hillary said...

Um, something wrong with not having automatic doors on your van? :)

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