June 15, 2010

A Disney Movie Tip

You know when you find a great deal (like $8 dollar prescription glasses) or just something smart (like how to make your own foam soap) and you want to tell everyone you know?  Well  I figure as long as I'm not posting any tutorials or projects today, I might as well share something pretty amazing that I recently discovered.

Do you have any Disney DVDs that just won't play anymore (or jump around scenes) because they are so scratched?  Or perhaps your three year old tried to get Peter Pan out of the case by himself and it snapped in half (and you even teared up because Peter Pan is no longer for sale)?

Well, have no fear, Disney is probably the COOLEST company in the world because for only $6.95 they will replace that too scratched or broken DVD (cool for a lot of other reasons too).  It's true.  About a month ago I mailed in my broken Peter Pan and about 10 days later I got a brand new one in the mail.  Here is the link that gives you the details.  You're SO welcome!!

1 comment:

katie said...

that is really cool! Thanks for the info!

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