June 16, 2010

Summer To-Do List

I love lists.  It gives me the crazy notion that I am organized (which I am not).  Lists seem to be essential for getting my kids to accomplish anything besides watching TV and fighting with each other.

Well, here's a list that my kids will actually love...
a Summer To-Do List.  Isn't this cute?  In addition to the obvious ones, here are some things I want to add to our list: roast hotdogs up the canyon, go camping, have a lemonade stand, go river rafting, make homemade ice cream, take a hike, and go boating.

Thanks to eighteen25 for this cute tutorial!  I can't wait to see what ideas my kids come up with! (good thing I have veto power)


jodie said...

haha. i think that is why my sisters and i are such list people (we are not organized either). after looking at your ideas, i think i may need to go back to mine and add a few!

thanks so much for your sweet post!


Amy said...

Maybe sleep at Aunt Amy's will make the list HA HA HA or perhaps be in the Music Man :) :)

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