June 16, 2010

Drip Sprinklers

So, any outside project (or anything involving tools) I usually leave for my DH to do... unfortunately, he's super busy and things often don't get done.  Last summer, I actually built my own square foot garden (SFG) without any help (picture coming soon) and now I want to add drip sprinklers to them.  I can usually remember to water the pots on my front porch, but my SFG is on the west side of my house, so I often forget to water it (thank goodness we've had a wet June so far).

Nicole at Crafty Sisters shows how to install a drip sprinkler system and actually makes it look so simple, I think this may be another project to tackle myself!

1 comment:

Amy said...

It's pretty easy I've put lots of them in my yard---of course I had it easy because my hubby installed the main hose so all I have to to is punch a hole where I want to insert the drip line. Yeah, I'm a cheater :)

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