January 30, 2011

Valentine Countdown *Free Download*

I thought it would be fun to make my kiddos a Valentine Countdown, and thought I'd share what I made.  I did a boy version & a girl version.  To be honest I made the girl one first, but then when I saw how pink it was I didn't think my husband boys would like it- hence the two versions.

Download the girl version here

And download the boy version here
The circles are the perfect size to attach a Hershey Kiss or Hug on each one.  I used glue dots so that I will (hopefully) be able to reuse them next year- I also mounted mine on cardstock to make them a little sturdier & cuter.
What better way to countdown to Valentine's Day than by eating a piece of chocolate??  I do suggest you make one for each child: 3 kids + 3 advents= no fighting over the chocolate


Amy said...

LOVE it! What a fun way to count down, and I appreciate that I can make one for each. Thanks for sharing!

Mike and Shayla said...

I'm so glad I checked your blog when I did! I just printed them and hopefully I will have the chocolate attached before the kids wake up. Luckily I bought a big bag of Kisses last week. Unfortunately I already opened it and started eating them...I better count and make sure there are enough left!

Janet said...

You're countdown calendars are so cute! I love that there is chocolate involved. :)

Its A Blog Party said...

Would love for you to join us at the Hugs and Kisses Valentine's Party!

Jill Bayless said...

Super cute! Thanks for sharing!

Janet said...

I bookmarked your countdown last year and am so excited to print it for my kids this year! Thank you for sharing it! I'll be featuring it today. :)

Kellie said...

love the countdowns. many thanks

Jenn said...

Do you happen to remember what that polka dot background is called or who it's by? I used it once upon a time with some digital scrapbooking and loved it, but can't remember where I found it.

This is so cute, by the way! :)

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