August 22, 2011

School Paper Organizing (with a free download!!)

 Anyone that knows me, knows that I completely lack the organizing gene.  And paperwork is my kryptonite.  I just don't know what to do with the endless incoming paper, so it just piles up.  The thought of adding school papers back into the mess makes me reach for the Mylanta (or the Xanax).  Seriously.

I love this mail organizer (also perfect for holding the homework assignments in progress), but I was thrilled to see this school paper organizer from iHeart Organizing for all those reports and cute art projects I just can't toss (and report cards).  Just a simple file box, but Jen provides the free download for the labels and the coversheets (hooray!).  One file box for each kid - one folder for each grade.  Neatly labeled, neatly contained.  Love it.  Thank you, thank you, Jen!  So glad you came to my rescue!!

1 comment:

iheartorganizing said...

YAY! Thanks for such a sweet shout out!! :)


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