June 15, 2010

Jen Gibson Photography- Sponsor Spotlight

I am so excited to introduce our newest sponsor:

Here is a sample of some of her work:

(next to your own, probably the cutest baby you've ever seen)

Jen is a Utah photographer, and she's amazing- check out her portfolio.  Jen and I crossed paths about 4 years ago and I immediately liked her.  She's honest about life, is SUPER talented (honestly I don't think I've found something she can't do), and she is really funny (check this or this out to know more).  Jen has spent many hours taking my boys' pictures;  she is so patient with them (and me), and I love the results.  Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about Jen Gibson Photography (and Jen Gibson herself).  Visit her site or e-mail her at jen at jengibsonphotography dot com to learn more. 


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